About company

SIA Woodison Terminal was founded in 1996.The company operates on the territory of the Free Port of Riga. SIA Woodison Terminal provides export / import services of oil products which are delivered to the Terminal by railway, trucks and tankers. Loading / discharging of tankers is carried out at two berths, into rail tank cars at two rail bridges where 36 rail tank cars can be discharged simultaneously, into trucks at three loading points.

SIA Woodison Terminal offers full range of services related to reception of cargoes to bonded store, cargo documents registrations, storage and loading of cargoes into tankers. The company uses shore tank farm withthe total capacity over 31000 m3 for storage of oil products. The large number of shore tanks enables us to store a wide range of various cargoes and gives an advantage of creating a required blend during the loading of a tanker.

 Technical characteristics of berths enable us to load the tankers with lengths up to 150m (in exceptional cases the Terminal can accept vessel exceeding 180 m), breadth up to 30m and draft up to 8,9 meters. The company owns a bunkering vessel with the total capacity 1200m3. Own rail tracks enable us to store up to 110 rail tank cars. The company also owns a modern biodiesel production facility (standard EN14241, European standardization committee) with the production capacity of 20 000m3/year.

LTD "Woodison Terminal", Tvaika str. 39, Riga, LV-1034, Latvia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +37167317520