Woodison Terminal handles dangerous cargoes, namely oil products and the company is taking all the necessary precautions in order to minimize its impact on the environment.

Being conscious about the environment and in order to comply with the environmental legislation Woodison Terminal has taken several steps that enabled us to monitor benzene concentration in the atmosphere and take actions in order to minimize emissions when necessary.

A DOAS-type benzene monitoring system manufactured by Swedish company OPIS was set up at the Terminal’s premises. The system records atmospheric values on a minute by minute basis which enables continuous control over benzene emissions at the Terminal. We have also set up a weather station which continuously records wind speed and direction. This data is taken into account during operational processes and it helps making the company’s activities more environmentally friendly.

As well as taking measures to control impact of the company’s activities on the environment, Woodison Terminal takes part in the “Remediation of historically contaminated sites in Sarkandaugava” project. This project envisages remediation of five sites with the total area of 77 thosuand sq. kilometers including Woodison Terminal. The project is carried out under the auspices of the cooperation program between Latvia and Switzerland. Works completion in Sarkandaugava is scheduled before 2017.

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