Oil products terminal reconstruction and development at Woodison Terminal

01 Oct 2014   Written by

Woodison Terminal’s corporate operations in the Free Port of Riga are associated with the transshipment and storage of various kinds of light oil products as well as with blending of fuel before dispatching to vessels. The company is constantly monitoring the market in order to keep up with the customers’ demands and make the necessary improvements to be competitive in the market of specific oil products in the Free Port of Riga.

New kinds of services are developed as a result of the market research as well as infrastructure developments, essential for the new services, are considered. This way the company ensures that its long term strategic goals are met and short term operational tasks are accomplished in the most efficient manner.

Woodison Terminal has developed a project with a goal to increase the capacity of the existing shore tnak farm, infrastructure upgrade and improvements of the safety standards which will enable berthing of the tankers with a greater deadweight and will attract new customers to the company and will in turn increase transshipment of the dark oil products (various kinds of fuel oils) in the Free Port of Riga.

Reconstruction and development project consists of three stages. The first stage envisages infrastructure development – dredging works at the company’s berth which will allow berthing of the tankers with the greater draft.

As a part of this stage Woodison Terminal has completed the development of the technical project in 2014 and got it approved by the competent state and municipal authorities including the Free Port of Riga Authority. Construction works envisaged in the first stage of the project are scheduled for 2015-2017.

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