Participation in the “Remediation of historically contaminated sites in Sarkandaugava” project

03 Nov 2014   Written by

The Sarkandaugava area was historically used for storage and transshipment of oil products. The part of Sarkandaugava’s area which is included into the territory of the Riga port was contaminated during the previous 50 years of the twentieth century, when soviet army’s oil products warehouses and terminals were built in Jaunmilgravis district.

The soil was absorbing oil products residues for years and which have eventually found their way into the groundwaters. The most seriuos damage will be caused if the oil products get into drainage or Milgravis channel.

The Sarkandaugava’s territory which is historically contaminated, is one of the most contaminated sites in Latvia and that is why it was selected for remediation project carried out under the auspices of the cooperation program between Latvia and Switzerland. Remediation works will be carried out on five sites of the Riga Free port with the total area of 8 ha.

The project cosists of two stages. Currently the works are carried out at the first priority sites including the Woodison Terminal’s territory.

Research works were carried out on the contaminated sites during the first stage of the project. During this stage 22 new wells and 3 new shafts were installed, 6 old wells were renewed, samples of contaminated soil were taken and analysis of the samples was performed in order to establish the amount and concentration of contamination. In addition to that topography of the researched terrain was performed. Based on the results of the laboratory analysis the hydrogeological computer modelling of the cintaminated sites in Sarkandaugava was performed and characterisitcs of the contamination were established as well as their amount and location.

It goes without saying that elimination of contamination in Sarkandaugava is a national issue for Latvia because the country has joined the Helsinki convention along with the other states of the Baltic sea region.

The key aspects of the Remediation of the Sarkandaugava project are: remediation of the contaminated sites, improvement of the environment and more attractive area for implementation of the new business ideas.

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